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The Florida Everglades enjoys the greatest density of Largemouth Bass per square mile in all of Florida. It is not uncommon to catch up to 50 fish a day when the conditions are right.

We will be fishing in the Everglades about a 25-minute drive from Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas. We fish from a Mako Flats Boat so we can go where other boats cannot due to the shallow water. We fish in open shallow water flats and canals. You will be fishing a combination of top water and sub surface artificial lures utilizing either bait casting or spinning equipment.

For you Fly Fisherman, we will cast poppers and streamers in hopes of enticing a big trophy. All tackle is included so all you need is a desire to catch fish and enjoy all the Everglades has to offer with its beauty, including alligators and numerous species of birds. Aside from fishing over 30 years in the Everglades with bait casting and spinning equipment, Paul specializes in fly fishing, having fished with the flyrod for bass, tarpon, bonefish, snook, redfish, striped bass, Atlantic salmon, bonito, etc. Paul is more than happy to give you a lesson during the day to start you in the right direction.